Coffee Lovers - Artbook

Hey everyone! I want your opinion on the cover of my artbook Klaine I do for the Japan Expo. I hesitate for the subtitle. Which do you prefer?

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  6. landofstories answered: one hand one heart!
  7. justanarchiveinabigklainefandom answered: sowk
  8. sassderson answered: I prefer Somewhere Only We Know!
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  10. seagirl14 answered: One Hand One Heart
  11. spo0kypriince answered: i think the second on (one hand,one heart) makes more sense with the art (ITS REALLY PRETTY)
  12. little-morgan answered: One Hand One Heart definitely- it has a semi-symmetry that’s really nice :)
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  16. wankyforsure answered: Somewhere only we know yesssss *U*
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  18. bribritenma answered: La première! <je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais c’est celle quie me fait ‘chaboum’ coup de foudre! :D
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  20. keiden answered: tu la faiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite !!! moi peros, je prefere “one hand one heart” :3
  21. spacelullaby answered: One Hand One Heart :)
  22. geminico answered: I like Somewhere Only We Know personally =3
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  25. soaddictedtoklaine answered: one hand one heart
  26. geishasakura answered: One hand one heart
  27. pierced--pixie said: Somewhere only we know is lovely :3 that’s my opinion anyway. Both are absolutely magnificent though!!
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