bisou magique ?

Je veux bien, j’en peux plus là ;___; 

nothingcanbreakthemapart replied to your post: “nothingcanbreakthemapart reblogged your photoset and added: OMG THESE…”:
aaaaaarg mais framby elle a pris les mugs >< je vais devoir utiliser les bottes alors ^_^ (enfin si personne de mon dash les a prises, sinon ça va devenir dur de s’y retrouver XD)

Oops… Je suis en train d’en faire des nouveaux ^^ (et Nanou a déjà flashé sur l’un d’eux mdrrr).

Anonymous asked:

I was looking at some of your art, when my five year old sister saw it. She has been drawing for 2 hours now, and she keeps saying that she wants to practice, so she can be just as good as you someday... I think you got a little fan. :)


I don’t know what to say. It touches me so much. I want to specialize in the press or children’s books. So your message makes me so happy. It’s really sweet, thank you very much. 


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OMG THESE ARE SO CUTE!!! CAN I USE ONE ???? (i just loooooooooooove the colors and my fav has to be the mugs but i love all of them!!!!) YOU’RE WONDERFUL DARLING AND AMAZINGLY TALENTED !!!!!

aqsdfghjklmkjhgfd CUTIE cutiiiiiiiiiiiiie! You’re so sweet, I love youuuu so much ;u; Yes you can <33 

Awwww thank you so much! And yes you can use them ^^

Awwww thank you so much! And yes you can use them ^^

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enjoy the sun <33 !! Pretty pretty drawing *-*

Weeeee~! Thank you sweetheart :3